28 August 2017

5 things that TATA motors can improve about TATA Tiago

5 things that TATA motors can improve about TATA Tiago

TATA motors have suffered a lot due to their poor build quality in previous cars. Now the company is trying to regain its lost ground in the compact hatchback segment with their latest launch of TATA Tiago. The company has launched its last vehicle was way back in 2010, and from there they made a lot progress with this Tiago, the car heralds a new design language for TATA motors. They used their expertise to make sure that they put best of technologies in this car. However, there are certain areas they could have been engineered better giving their Land Rover ownership.


The Airbag is a supplementary restraint system (SRS), a type of vehicle safety device which mainly protects the passengers from severe injuries during an accident. It’s specially designed to inflate quickly then rapidly deflate in case of a collision. This safety device mainly consists of an airbag cushion, a nylon fabric bag, inflate module, and impact sensor. Though in Tiago’s higher variants airbags are there, they should have incorporated it in lower variants too as it’s a must have safety device.

NVH level

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), also known as noise and vibration (N&V) is a measure of how much unpleasant aural and tactile feedback the car gives when you drive. Despite being a 3-cylinder engine, vibration level isn’t very high compared to their previous launched hatchbacks. But sound insulation could have been improved as there is constant noise in the cabin once you get past the mid –range speed.

Power Door Lock

Power door locks also called as central locking system allows the driver to simultaneously lock or unlock all the doors of the vehicle just by flipping a switch. This system is not given in Tiago’s lower variants like Revoton XB, makes the car vulnerable to theft. However, you can separately install safety devices like Car Knight, which required an authorized person’s finger print or 4-digit code to unlock the ignition system.

Air conditioning system

It’s not like the air conditioning system is ineffective, actually, it’s quite good. But if the climate is hot and you’re driving this vehicle in 1st and 2nd gear then the cooling will get affected. One must get it serviced regularly as per the manual to ensure the smooth performance of AC. Also, there are some quality issues in the AC vents which don’t close fully. When all’s said and done, TATA motors could have improved the air conditioning system in TATA Tiago as they are now taking on other established brands like Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Hyundai i10 in the segment.


The performance of petrol engine is quite good, but in Tiago’s diesel variants, the performance isn’t that impressive due to the narrow power band of the engine which is at 1800 to 3000 rpm. The car is not suitable for a sudden maneuver or push at high speeds especially above 80-85 kmph.


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