23 August 2017

Top 5 accessories for your new Honda City

Top 5 accessories for your new Honda City

Car Knight

Car Knight is one of the most desirable revolutionary security devices that you need to install in your car to put a safeguard against thieves. The device required the authenticated person’s fingerprint or a 4-digit pin code to unlock the ignition system. It’s valet mode option allows you to let your car drive by valet service or someone else who is not authorized. The best feature of this device is, if you forget your pin code, then you can still start the car by using your fingerprint. You can also delete other users by using the pin code.

Dash Cam

While many people out there might not be knowing about this accessory product, a dash camera is almost a necessity today, can be a savior for the driver. The camera is mounted on the dashboard captures video clips of all the happenings outside the car. In case of any accidents or collisions, this dash cam can work as evidence, helps in a thorough investigation on who’s the main culprit. In a country like India where ensuring car safety is one of the biggest concerns, this safety product is quite mandatory.

Flexible Smartphone or GPS holder

In today’s ever-increasing traffic road diversions, things often get messed up while driving which forced us to use navigation system. We all know that our smartphone can act as a brilliant navigation system but, using a smartphone with one hand while driving may raise some serious safety issues. In this situation a car cradles or mount becomes very handy, it can rotate 360 degrees, easily get adjusted to any desired viewing angle. Now you can just put your smartphone into the suction cup of the mobile holder and check the directions without losing concentration from driving.

A 12V Dc to Ac Power Converter USB Charger

Like mentioned above, the use of a smartphone has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. As we relied heavily on this electronic gadget to stay informed and connected, we also need to keep a charger handy in the car all the time to charge our mobile or other electronic gadgets such as tablets, PDAs, camcorders, digital cameras, etc. This 12V high-speed USB charger won’t cost you much, usually comes at a price around Rs 1000, can be easily fitted and help you at the time of emergency.

Gear Lock

While the security systems like car knight or remote entry might be adequate for your car’s safety, some bigger cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, etc. may pose a different kind of threat to the cars. Here carjackers are quite educated; they know how to break electronic locking systems. Some mischievous thieves also use an ECU along with them and swap it with other car’s original ECU. Though a gear lock is quite an old-age security system, still it can work as an extra safety measure.


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